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Hours of Operation Monday - Saturday 10:30-7:00. 


L.A. BBQ has a warm friendly atmosphere where true Southern Hospitality awaits you!

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Chicken Sandwich
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Catering Order Form

Please use this form to make an order for your next catered event. 

For each item, please select the number of people who will be eating that dish. For some items there is also an option to select the serving size. Please note that it is not possible to mix different serving sizes of the same dish. 

The price generated by this form in an estimate only and is not guaranteed.

**To calculate correctly please include the number of guests in which your chosen item should serve. This is to be entered in to the box directly after the menu item. Example- 100 guests are invited and you want enough pulled pork to serve half you would enter 50 in the box directly after the Pulled Pork Menu item.

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  • * Please Note: Shrimp, prime rib, flat iron steak and ribeye steak are all charged based on current market price. Therefore the price of these items are not included in the total calculated by this form. If you select any of these dishes with will get back to you with an updated total cost. 

    ** requires onsite frying or grilling

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